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Oklahoma Woman, Alisha Danielle Freerksen, Charged With Raping 15-Year-Old Girl

Posted on: September 25, 2009

5:45 AM

Oklahoma Woman, Alisha Danielle Freerksen, Charged With Raping 15-Year-Old Girl

September 19th 2009

A Woodward, Oklahoma couple are accused of sexually assaulting two young girls and making them pose for sexually explicit photographs.

Prosecutors say there may be more victims.

Dean Leroy Freerksen III, 27, and Alisha Danielle Freerksen, 20, (pictured left) were charged Wednesday in Woodward County District Court with first-degree rape, involving a 15-year-old girl.

The charges are in addition to those filed against them in July. The two already face complaints of first-degree rape, lewd molestation and procuring a minor to participate in child pornography.

The Freerksens on Friday were in the Woodward County jail. Their bail is set at $200,000 each.

The investigation is ongoing.

Assistant District Attorney Danny Lohmann said investigators found numerous sexually graphic photographs featuring several different girls on the Freerksens’ digital camera. He said all the girls have not been identified, and more criminal charges against the couple are possible.

Lohmann said the photographs were among the most unsettling pictures he’s seen.

“Let me put it this way — they’re worse than bad,” Lohmann said.

The investigation was sparked by an 11-year-old girl who told police the Freerksens made her drink orange juice spiked with vodka and molested her during an overnight stay in their home.

They took photographs of the sex acts, according to court records.

Authorities obtained a search warrant in July and seized the Freerksens’ computer and digital camera. On the camera, they found sexually explicit photographs of a 15-year-old girl and Dean Freerksen, according to court records.

Investigators recently identified the teenager, who claims she was sexually assaulted by the couple in June, court records state.

Dean Leroy Freerksen III has been convicted of child stealing and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, records show.

Police say Woodward couple molested girls, photographed attacks

To Catch A Female Predator: Oklahoma Woman, Alisha Danielle Freerksen, Charged With Raping 15-Year-Old Girl.



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