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Where is the MOTHER?? !!

Posted on: October 5, 2009

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Nice huh?  I am posting this here because a mother left her child in the care of these five … eeeeek!

All five have been arrested after an anonymous tip was received regarding the well being of a 4 year-old boy.

What the police found was horrific living conditions (including a dog cage they think the boy may have been confined in)… blood stained walls, the smell of feces, clothes and trash piled all over.

Total 10 kids were removed from the house.  The 4 year-old remains in critical condition.  It isn’t yet clear how the children are related to these five pieces of shit.  The 4 year-old was in left in the care (oh how hard it is to use that word here) of Sue Miller (last picture here).

The landlord who lives near the home had already issued eviction papers.  He said only Sue Miller, her daughter Nancy Miller and the chubby faced ugly mug up there named Francys Albertson were on the lease, but he knew all of them were living there.  He stated he had never seen humans live like this.

The 4 year-old (no children’s names are mentioned) was covered with new and old bruises, marks, cuts and abrasions.  Who knows how long this child had been tortured.

There is no mention of injuries to the other 9 children removed from the home.  They are in protective custody while these scum are in jain charged with one felony count of child abuse.

There is more to this story that we have not yet heard.
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