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Want to end relationship with mother – Vile, Vindictive witch

Posted on: October 6, 2009

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Want to end relationship with mother

My mother is a witch and a jealous one at that. Never been there for me as a child.
The only reason she wanted me to stay on at high school was so she could collect my child benefit.

Well recently i have moved away from a abusive relationship with my son’s father who smokes crack .

She told him where I lived even though she knew he was abusive, damaged my property and car, smashed the windscreen when i was driving him around with my daughter in the car etc etc and she knows all of this.

She is friends with him and always smirks when she mentions that he has a new women, oh he has a child etc etc.

Know she is trying to infiltrate him to the family my sister who slept with my other ex, who i broke up with before…and she knows i hate her etc etc…and she now wants to introduce my son’s father to her. It just brings all those horrible feelings of before to hand and she knows this…why would she go there.

So i have decided i don’t want to have a relationship with her at all, she is a nasty , vindictive, spiteful and jealous individual…i am her daughter i have helped her with her financial difficulties etc etc it almost seems that she is jealous of me!

anyone else have any views on this, as my mental state has crumbled again.



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