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A Sorry Excuse for Motherhood

Posted on: October 11, 2009

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11 October 2009

Having first read about this story on the excellent Rantin Rab blog yesterday I found myself troubled by its consequences to such an extent that it kept me partly awake during the night.

It featured a sorry excuse for motherhood in the shape of a chain smoking Chav who was jailed for a period of just 9 months for an appalling case of child abuse.

Charlotte Sutton, 19, who scarred her daughter by stubbing out a cigarette three times on her back, denied the charges of child cruelty offering the excuse that she was stressed out when the child began to cry – thankfully a jury saw sense and found the bitch guilty as charged.

Obviously the social services have a lot to answer for as it is abundantly clear, this so called young lady was totally unfit to look after a dog never mind a child – however the Big Dollop is not at variance with the social services as such – what gets on my wick- is the piss poor sentence handed down by the presiding judge in this instance who in his wisdom thought a nine month custodial sentence in youth detention was sufficient to placate the satisfaction of Joe Public.
It is my humble opinion that this evil bitch should have been banged up in an adult prison for a period of no less than 2 years during which she could have been forcibly sterilized – and hopefully held to account by her fellow inmates.
Single mothers are an easy target for those who would blame societies woe’s on – Ms. Sutton is an absolute affront to the many decent single mothers out there in society who do their level best to bring up their children in a responsible manner.
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Goodnight Vienna said…

Totally agree Big D. She represents only her own vile self – 2yrs min and sterlisation sounds like a good option to me. 9 months is disgusting.

11 October 2009 10:46


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