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Florida Woman, Ana Mateo, Convicted Of Sexually Abusing 15-Year-Old Male Relative

Posted on: October 15, 2009

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12:49 10/8/2009

October 7th 2009

A jury convicted a 29-year-old woman of sexually abusing a teenage relative twice at a Joliet home during Christmas vacation in 2007.

Ana Mateo, (pictured left) of Cooper City, Florida, was carted off to Will County jail last week to await sentencing after she was found guilty of aggravated criminal sexual abuse.

The jury took only 40 minutes to return its verdict.

Joliet police arrested Mateo in June 2008 after the victim’s mother discovered racy e-mails and Facebook conversations allegedly detailing the relationship.

Mateo’s victim was interviewed at the Will County Children’s Advocacy Center and gave a videotaped statement in which he said he and Mateo twice had sexual intercourse during their Christmas break. He was 15 at the time; she was 27.

During the trial, the teen testified he did not recall having sex with her and that he was unsure what transpired between them.

Prosecutors Steve Platek and Jessica Colon Sayre entered the videotape of the interview conducted at the children’s advocacy center to bolster their case in the face of the teen’s sudden memory loss. “She came out guilty and supposedly they’re going to give her the sentence on Nov. 23,” her father said Tuesday.

Mateo faces up to seven years in prison but could be released on probation. Either way, she must register as a sex offender for the rest of her life.,4_1_JO30_WOMAN_S1-090930.article,0,579790.story



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