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UK Woman, Clair Winkworth, Charged With Child Sexual Activity And Indecent Assault On Preteen Boy

Posted on: October 15, 2009

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09:04 10/14/2009

October 8th 2009

A BOY described how he had sex with a woman in the bedroom of her Southampton flat while friends slept inches away.

The youngster claimed Clair Winkworth, 24, (pictured left) told him to “sit back and relax” when he told her he just wanted to go to sleep.

In a recorded interview carried out at Shirley police station, he told DC Claire Mason he was sleeping on a bed with his best friend while Winkworth, in just her underwear, lay on a mattress below with two young girls.

“Clair pulled me down and started to kiss me,”

he recalled. “I was just like ‘I wanna go to sleep’, so I tried to get back up but she pulled me back down.”

He claimed that she waited until everyone else had fallen asleep before initiating the sex, despite him telling her that he wanted to go to sleep. The boy claimed that he told her to go away but she kissed him and said ‘Just sit back and relax’.

He told DC Mason he then pushed Winkworth away, got up and fell asleep.

The prosecution claim Winkworth played truth or dare and “sex dice” games with four children (aged 11-13) at her Redbridge Towers flat and had allowed the boys to commit sex acts with her.

Prosecutor Peter Towler alleged: “Some children would go off into different rooms with each other with the knowledge and encouragement of the defendant and sometimes she would go into one of the rooms with one of the boys.”

The girls lap-danced in pyjamas in front of the boys while she sat on a sofa wearing only bra and pants.

Winkworth allegedly told the children: “Whatever goes in this flat, stays in this flat.”

She denies seven charges of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and one charge of indecent assault and having sexual activity with a child.

Trial Proceeding.

Clair Winkworth denies playing sex games with children at her Redbridge home

Clair Winkworth’s Bebo Account

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