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Australian Mother, Charged With Having Sex With 13-Year-Old Boy

Posted on: November 3, 2009

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03:47 10/26/2009

October 26th 2009

An Upper South East Australia mother of four who allegedly had sex with a 13-year-old boy was refused bail on Monday by the Mount Gambier Magistrates Court.

The woman, 26, was arrested for breaching bail on Friday night, after police allegedly discovered 892 text messages on her mobile phone.

It was alleged the messages had begun on October 18 and were from the child who she had previously been bailed not to contact.

Sergeant Sandi Stokes told the court the text content included discussion about how many babies they would have together, the boy’s plans to run away from home to be with the woman and exchanges of “how much they love each other”.

The court heard the accused was first taken into custody on August 12 this year and charged with six counts of underage sex.

She received bail with a no-contact condition, but was arrested again on August 29 when the boy attended her home address.



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