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Lincolnshire (UK) Mother, Melanie Gunn, Charged With Possessing Extreme Pornographic Images Of Children

Posted on: December 18, 2009

17:02 11/21/2009

November 19th 2009

A MARRIED mother is to appear in court after being charged with child pornography offences, police revealed today.

Melanie Gunn, 36, has also resigned from her role as learning support manager at a secondary school after being accused of the sex crimes.

Gunn, the mother of a toddler, was arrested by police following a raid on her home in Alford, Lincolnshire (UK).

Officers seized computer equipment including hard drives and disks during the search.

When the equipment was examined officers allegedly found dozens of hardcore child porn images some of which show offences of bestiality involving small children.

Yesterday Gunn was charged with 11 offences of possessing indecent images of children and possession of extreme pornographic images.

A Lincolnshire Police spokesman said: “The charges involved 79 still and moving indecent images of varying levels and 361 extreme pornographic images.

“She was initially arrested on 24 July at her home address and several computers, discs and hard-drives were seized.

“She answered bail and was subsequently charged with the offences.”

Gunn’s arrest is said to have no connection with the Little Teds Nursery case in Plymouth where toddlers were photographed being abused.

The spokesman added: “We are not aware of the existence of a link to any other offences in the UK.”

Lincolnshire County Council confirmed that Gunn had been employed at the John Spendluffe Technology College in Alford at the time of her arrest.

A spokesman said: “Melanie Gunn was working as the independent learning support manager at the John Spendluffe Technology College but resigned from her position in August.”

John Spendluffe College is a foundation technology college which has 636 pupils aged 11 to 16 and was assessed as “good” in its last Ofsted inspection back in 2006.

A police source today stressed the charges Gunn faces do not involve any child at the school or her own child.

The images found on her computer are believed to have been downloaded from internet pornography sites.

Gunn has now been released on police bail and is due to appear before Skegness magistrates next month.

Lincolnshire Police Website

Louth & Mablethorpe Sector – Indecent Images Charge, Alford

Police have charged a 36-year old woman from Alford with possession of indecent images. Mrs Melanie Gunn was charged at Skegness Police Station yesterday, Wednesday 18 November with eleven offences of possessing indecent images of children and possession of extreme pornographic images.

Mrs Gunn was released on bail and is due before Skegness Magistrates Court on Tuesday, 8 December.



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