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African Woman, Esther Mashauri, Jailed For 4 Years For Kidnapping & Allegedly Torturing 5-Year-Old Girl

Posted on: December 19, 2009

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00:25 11/26/2009
November 24th 2009

Kahama, Tanzania — A woman has been sentenced to four years imprisonment after she was convicted of kidnapping a five-year-old child and locking the child in her house for six months.

Kahama senior district magistrate Juma Hassan, said convict, resident of Mhongolo ward in the district, Asha Daudi alias Esther Mashauri, 29, followed her own plea of guilty to kidnapping charge.

The woman admitted in court that she kidnapped the young girl at Nyahanga village, also in the same district, on April 18, this year. On the kidnapped child (name withheld), lived with her parents at the village.

The prosecution side led by Mr Hatari Kisumo and Mr Felix Mbise, had earlier charged the woman with two counts of kidnapping and torturing the child, but the woman denied torturing the young girl.

The prosecution side had earlier prayed for stern punishment to the convict to avert shame on parents are experiencing from rampant children kidnapping incidents in the district.

The woman will, however, appear again at the same court early next month to answer the second count of torturing the child, which she denied.

The child hands and legs were tied up by ropes in a tiny room, the two prosecutors in the case jointly alleged before the district court. The child manifested scars on her body,

They said the child was playing with other children when the woman kidnapped and disappeared with her.

The woman took the child straight to a room in which she had been caning her until a fortnight ago when Good Samaritans reported the woman’s brutality to the police.

The young girl was rescued on the same day by the law enforcers. The child, who was found with scars and fresh bruises all over her body, said the woman had forbidden her from going out of the house.

The young girl already has been re-united with her parents.



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