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Ohio Mother, Vonda Ferguson, Jailed For 65 Years For Rape & Torture Of Adopted Children

Posted on: January 1, 2010

16:30 12/7/2009

December 7th 2009

A Springfield, Ohio mother who tortured and raped her children will spend the rest of her life in prison.

Vonda Ferguson (pictured left) was sentenced to serve 65 years in prison, by Clark County Common Pleas Court Judge Richard O’Neill, on Monday morning.

This wrapped up a case that first began ten years ago. Prosecuters called it the worst case of child abuse in Ohio history.

Ferguson smiled as she walked into a packed courtroom, to face her judgement. Ferguson, and her husband James, were both charged with more than thirty counts of child abuse and assault. Vonda Ferguson faced two additional counts of rape.

Prosecuters say the couple beat and tortured their five adopted children with belts, sticks, and hammers. Vonda Ferguson also burned the children with a clothes iron, forced them to eat human waste, and humiliated them. She was also accused of raping two of the children with the handle of a toilet plunger.

One of the victims spoke out in court, right before the sentencing. Sherita Lee, now 19 years old faced her mother for the first time since the charges were filed almost ten years ago, and she broke down, when she saw Ferguson staring at her, while she was speaking.

“How can a child, oh God, can she not look at me right now please. How can a child be so bad at 6 and 4 I don’t understand,” said Lee.

Ferguson declined to make a statement in court today. She has been classified as a Tier-3 sex offender. Ferguson planned to file an appeal in this case.



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