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BRENTWOOD – Kristin Ruggiero will spend 7 to 14 years in state prison for what police say was part of a years-long ploy to use the criminal justice system against her ex-husband, who was thrown in jail and nearly lost his career during a bitter divorce.

Judge Kenneth McHugh said Ruggiero’s attempt to set up her ex-husband and use the legal system as a weapon was unlike any other case he has seen.

“There’s a lot of people, usually women, who have been subjected to abuse by their significant others,” McHugh said, during Ruggiero’s sentencing yesterday. “As a result of her actions, their cases, their safety, their security has been damaged. The web for this is much greater than what has just happened to Mr. Ruggiero.”

A jury found that Kristin Ruggiero registered a disposable cell phone under her ex-husband’s name and sent herself a dozen threatening and suicidal text messages. She then reported to East Kingston police in May 2008 that her ex-husband had violated bail conditions tied to a criminal threatening case, which police learned was also fabricated by the 34-year-old mother.

Aug. 17, 2010 ruggiero 60pxRUGGIERO

By portraying herself as a victim, she duped local police and portrayed her ex-husband, Jeffrey Ruggiero, as a violent monster while the couple was going through a contentious divorce in family court, according to prosecutors.

The couple battled over finances and their 7-year-old daughter.

While Jeffrey Ruggiero was being investigated, his ex-wife called him at all hours and taunted him over the phone, according to court testimony.

“She mocked him. She laughed at him. (She said) ‘I took all your money, I took your daughter and now I am going to take your career’,” Assistant County Attorney Jerome Blanchard said in court yesterday.

Video: Click below to view some of Judge Kenneth McHugh’s comments during sentencing.

He said Ruggiero’s folly came because claims in criminal court had to be backed up — unlike in family court where she made repeated claims about ex-husband’s behavior.

“Unfortunately for her, we’re not in family court anymore,” Blanchard said.

Blanchard argued that Ruggiero continued to try to manipulate the justice system, even after her conviction in May from her jail cell.

In a series of recorded phone calls from the jail played in court, Ruggiero asked her mother to get a letter from a doctor, which would claim that Ruggiero suffered a form of psychosis stemming from addiction to Adderall and alcohol.

“I’m going to pull the mental health card, you know what I mean?” Ruggiero says during the call, which was played in court. “It has to be outpatient in the United States and I can live at home.”

But yesterday, Ruggiero sobbed to McHugh. She apologized for comments she made about the judge and his heart bypass surgery during another phone call.

“Dad, guess what? Judge McHugh had a quadruple bypass!” Ruggiero said during the phone call, only a small portion of which was played in court.

McHugh told prosecutors to skip over that call, saying it wasn’t necessary for the sentencing hearing.

McHugh said it’s likely that Ruggiero cannot be rehabilitated. He told Ruggiero he found her apology yesterday disingenuous.

Defense lawyer Chuck Keefe argued that his client was a caring mother whose judgment may have been affected because she suffered from drug and alcohol dependency.

“I want to say here what the state offers is a sentence of extermination,” Keefe said, while proposing a 12-month jail sentence for Ruggiero.

Before her arrest in September 2008, Ruggiero nearly had the criminal justice and family court system fooled, according to prosecutors. A district court judge convicted Jeffrey Ruggiero of misdemeanor criminal threatening and related charges, but refused to jail him before sentencing.

That allowed Jeffrey Ruggiero to remain free on bail and return to his job as a petty officer in the U.S. Coast Guard.

It enraged Kristin Ruggiero so much that she came up with the scheme about receiving a series of threatening and suicidal text messages. Ruggiero was sentenced on 12 counts of falsifying physical evidence, which each carry a potential 3 1/2 to 7-year prison term.

The case that McHugh repeatedly described as “bizarre” yesterday may not be over.

Prosecutors revealed during Ruggiero’s sentencing hearing that a new criminal investigation related to her is under way.

Ruggiero was also ordered to pay $19,000 in restitution to the East Kingston police department, which conducted the investigation.


This is so much more widespread than people realize. There needs to be far more persecution of those who get caught who abuse the system like this especially in child custody cases. I have no sympathy for this pathetic “mother” You?
Michael A. MAstracci, Esquire, Baltimore

Make people think twice about doing this again?

Raise your hand if you think the low life who do these things scour old newspapers to find out whether/how others have been punished for doing it.

You’re delusional. People who do this, act on emotion, not logic. They don’t consider the consequences. They all think they will get away with it.

Matter of fact, most of them do, thanks to a prejudicial family court system that determines quilt based on accusation alone.
Marc, Brentwood

The PRIMARY function of the fraud known as the NH Family Justice System is VENGEANCE. It is first and foremost an instrument of violence to that end. The sound of the child-exploiting, child-maltreating gavels of the farscical masquerade pretending to be a some resemblence of justice shows that the TRUE violence associated with marriage is the about 900% increase [after population growth] in the NH State Prisons inmate population since 1969 when the first U.S. no-fault divorce law was signed into law in CA.

Gov. Lynch claims that NH has been recognized as the best and safest place in the US to raise a child, but omits the fact that compared to 1960’s, it really STINKS for NH kids overall other than for medical advances, opportunities for girls, and government give-away programs.
Mike Smith, N. Hampton, NH

wow,left NH many years ago but my family still lives there. Very sad that only men(with a few exceptions) seem to understand how evil this woman is. Sorry guys that you have had similar experiences. All women are not the same and this nutcase has certainly made it difficult for true victims
beth, temecula ca

Happens Nationwide! Federal IV and ASFA funds LEARN of! One Nation Under FRAUD!
Jewell Flaherty, Bokoshe

It ISN’T just NH folks! Nation and Worldwide! The New allegation USED: Daddys’ RAPE the kids. Yes, go check. CPS for FEDERAL IV funds & ASFA $ too, help Promote Destroying Families, using ANY means, LIES needed, even Use SCHOOL Staff to gain results! Know All to be True-living it Now; Dad IN jail past 1O months, due to “HIS Moms Lies”, as he Didn’t Marry, who She wanted! Court, Cops, CPS know his Mom WELL-her Son, NOT only Man, she’s done this Ruieggero Vindictive Attack on -Long List of MEN, in Oklahoma!
Jewell Flaherty, Bokoshe Oklahoma

She sounds like a scorned nutcase.
Rebecca, Bethlehem

It ISN’T just NH folks! Nation and Worldwide! The New allegation USED: Daddys’ RAPE the kids. Yes, go check. CPS for FEDERAL IV funds & ASFA $ too, help Promote Destroying Families, using ANY means, LIES needed, even Use SCHOOL Staff to gain results! Know All to be True-living it Now; Dad IN jail past 1O months, due to “HIS Moms Lies”, as he Didn’t Marry, who She wanted! Court, Cops, CPS know his Mom WELL-her Son, NOT only Man, she’s done this Ruieggero Vindictive Attack on -Long List of MEN, in Oklahoma!
Jewell, Bokoshe

I too am a victim of a broken court system. More money for something that should have been resolved without needing court intervention.
I recently had to take my ex back to court in Cheshire County. Contempt of court/failure to follow a court order. This after being divorced for nearly 2 years. Instead of a quick resolution ,a plea is made to the court by my ex for an unfair divorce settlement. My lawyer tells me the decision will be made whether to rehear the divorce by either the marital master – he favors women or the judge –he favors men.
How do you get justice from a system that operates this way? You have to hope for the right judge instead of expecting a fair hearing? After a divorce nearly two years you have to go through it again because of allegations that are untrue?
Just another exploited victim, Cheshire County

Union Leader seems selective in posting opinions – this does not help those that have been abused by the system.

Agree with John in Warner, disagree with JC/Merrimack

Gal’s are just as manipulative in the system as the judges, the lawyers the sick, bitter, vindictive ex-wives.

Even with counseling records of my ex’s, in hand, the GAL Doug Thornton wouldn’t even take the time to look at this proof and take it into consideration.

Proves some only care about the women – not the kids.

Doug Thornton made a lame excuse that he didn’t have time to consider them. So to him it’s better to make a bad decision than to ask for a little more time from the court to do the best job?

In this system, the kids don’t count, the fathers don’t count.

The only thing that counts is a corrupt system that at least one judge admits to seeing.
John, Keene

This is life altering. But it’s just a small step to it being something it will never become. Stories like this explain why my neighbor doesn’t want to get to know me or won’t socialize outside the circle they have now. You can let you’re guard down and go on with life not knowing this could be you next. And it’s not the courts doing this, we’re doing it to ourselfs. Makes me wonder how it is familes can survive in this climate of deceit and bait and switch. I thought I knew someone to at one time. Now, I’m not sure of anything.
deter, derry

ACA Blanchard really hit the nail on the head: “He said Ruggiero’s folly came because claims in criminal court had to be backed up — unlike in family court…”

It’s time to end the anti-male sewer that is family court, to expose the lawyer-woman false allegation machine, and to put an end to the fatherless child creation machine in New Hampshire.

This woman got off easy.
gokart-mozart, Concord

As a man , What would I have gotten for a sentence?
Twisted. This man was very lucky people saw through this womans story. The outcome could have been quite the opposite. Everyone knows a woman has the edge in a courtroom.
deter, derry

If the passion poured out in these 73 comments is any indication, something is surely broken in the Family Court system.

I too was falsely accused of threatening and served with a restraining order. My ex never had to show any evidence and I never had a chance to defend myself.

I too was the victim of a marital master (Deborah Rein) who is predisposed to favor the female.

When in doubt, the man must be guilty.

I would hope–but don’t expect for a minute–that this incident would spark a review and correction of this foul system.
Annonymous, Concord

Agree with John in Warner, disagree with JC/Merrimack

Gal’s are just as manipulative in the system as the judges, the lawyers and the sick, bitter, vindictive ex-wives.

Even with counseling records of my ex’s, in hand, explaining her multiple personality disorders and inability to function in the best interest of the children, the GAL Doug Thornton wouldn’t even take the time to look at this proof and take it into consideration.

Proves some only care about the women – not the kids.

Doug Thornton made a lame excuse that he didn’t have time to consider them. So to him it’s better to make a bad decision than to ask for a little more time from the court to do the best job?

In this system, the kids don’t count, the fathers don’t count.

The only thing that counts is a corrupt system that at least one judge admits to seeing.
John, kEENE

Sounds like many making comments to this article have concerns with the NH Courts during divorce.

Please contact Mary Gile as she is the NH House of Reps Family Children and Family Law Committee Chair and would love to hear from you.

There are public Listening Sessions scheduled for this Fall to hear public issues in the Courts, DCYF and GAL’s.

This case will bring momentum to NH Court Reform if all that have concerns act.
Greg, Chesterfield

I share the pain and frustration of many of the GOOD folks that have commented on this subject.

All to often I heard the GAL (KBS of New London) coining the phrase “what is in the best interest of the child”. We all know that is BS.

Family court matters are dealt with as a business, pure and simple … ALL ABOUT MONEY. The attorneys, which in most cases may include a GAL, are aware of the parties net worth from the beginning through financial affidavits. The more you have, the more they want. Many lawyers may advise clients of unethical practices to drag out the process which in turns leads to added expenses. Undoubtedly the most popular and favorite would be allegations of abuse, which involve police, DCYF, Womens Crisis … etc. Anyone that has been wrongly accused knows that evidence is not required just an accusation.

BOTTOM LINE – Although it does not happen enough, it is refreshing to occasionally see a judge have the moxie to carry out his/her duty and see that justice is served and Mr. Ruggiero’s reputation restored.
Steve, Swanzey NH

Im so greatful for the awsome dective work and the judical system! These actions ruin it for people who are really going through abusive relationships!Kudos to the police and the judge for great work and make people think twice before they do something like this again !!
Roger Cloutier, Bedford NH

men do this to. for the last 8 years a bit more. you dont even know the mental breakdown of a battle like this in the family courts esp these days. esp with one judge i had who thankfully retired. because of the court my kids were abused by there dad and all of us suffered emotionally/ mentally. my kids are still in therapy after 1 year of it finally coming to a halt. weither it starts up again i dont know he get out of jail again in a few months minimum (hes and 8 time felon, known druggie/alcoholic). the courts need changing esp in family court. i wanted to sew the court n judge for all that they did to my family but i was told it would be difficult because the fact it is the court. why should they hurt families and get away with it.
Jay, nh

She should definitly face the full consequences of the law. I’m also going through similar situation with my current wife who has been fabricating all sorts of terrible accusations against me such as abuse that I never even dreamt of. The moment we have an arguement over family issues, she’ll pretend to collapse and call for medical help just to paint a negative picture about me just to make me look bad.
This is one sector of our judicaial system that I strongly think needs some reform. These ladies are really manupilating the system in their favors. I hope this case serves as a lesson.

Ibrahim Turay, Manchester

One down thousands of others to go. I have a novel idea, lets treat everyone equally and get proactive. I would love to see these loser judges get the boot, completely clean house of all the sleepers in black robes and start over.
Jorma M., Merrimack

I’m very glad this monster is serving time. How the tide turns. Marital master Nancy Geiger is a disgusting rent a court master that hates men and will not allow any evidence that proves their case. You have a better chance at justice in Iran than her court. The ignorance of her court is like a clown posse gone wild.
David B, Auburn

@jc, merrimack and John, Warner
I was going to say that GALs are mostly corrupt and that is a big part of the problem. It is not about them investigating, they decide early on that they like one side or the other, usually the mother, totally based on prejudices, and not what is best for the child…the only true criterion.

Frustrated step mom in manchester, Manchester NH is right on about this. My GAL did not call my references, whom she had included in the report until AFTER her report was already done. My references reported that she was very indifferent and didn’t seem to care about what they were saying.

Just read Andy in Northwood’s story. It is all too common.

You really can’t tell when you get married if a woman is going to put you through hell during a divorce. I never would have guessed it, but my ex sure did.
Steve1, Nashua

This is a fair decision, why? because it happened in criminal court, where the rules of evidence and the Consitution is followed, not like in the “civil court family division” which is ruled by judges personal and political agendas.
Dave, Ashland

In 4 days, it will be 19 years, since my lying, psychotic, Satanic ex-wife said to me…If I knew how to load your rifle, I would kill you with it to keep you away from the children.

With the help of several gutless judges, malignant police and Femarxist advocates, I’ve been turned into fish food in 3 New England States, with the AG and Bar Association of NH ignoring me.

I’m in exile, yet again, from Grafton, with F Troop and another psychotic little girl, trying to bring about my demise.

You have several gutless editors who’ve ignored me, as well.

Restraining orders are today’s guillotines and crosses.

We have 2 generations of children, raised by man hating, nihilistic, sociopathic, psychopathic, narcissistic self loathing, suicidal, homicidal, Children Of The Damned.

I like to refer to most police I’ve met in the last 19 years as The Witch’s Flying Monkeys…
David Merchant, Manchester

I have been accused of child abuse 8 times, domestic violence 2 times, kidnapping 1 time. The GAL in my case sided with my ex the entire time, despite all of this I have custody of my Son. But the Judge also ruled I have to pay for all my sons expenses, medical care for my Son and my ex, and I have to pay child support for the 32 hours a month my ex has visitation. The entire New Hampshire Family Court needs to be destroyed and built up from scratch!
KJ, Nottingham NH

These GALS are nothing but frauds. They take your money and never look at any real evidence and always side with the woman. GAL Karen Griswold Peterson should be relieved of her duties as she is incompetent at best.
Frustrated step mom in manchester, Manchester NH

If the courts can tell people they can’t have animals after abusing them, then can the courts tell her NO MORE MEN?????
EAP, Manchester, NH

The ignorant judges are to blame for the lopsided application of justice in these case’s. These self proclaimed intellectuals must know that these women are playing them for the fools they are. They support the disfunctional court so much that the pendulum has swung so far the other way a man cannot win. These gullible judges don’t want proof it just complicates the inevitable, giving the woman her way.
Peter F., Francestown

Congratulations Jeff!!! Best wishes.. On another note, Thank the Jury for seeing all through her vengence, she deserves every minute of the 7-14 years.. Jeff made out pretty good, she is put away for a while, and his new wife is much more attractive>
Semper Paratus!
KN, chester,nh

Tattoos originated from Japanese criminal justice system, where they tattooed the symbol of whatever crime had been committed such as “thief” – so once they are released, everyone will be able to know what they had been previously convicted of. It would be nice if we did the same with “murderer”, “pedophile”, “attacker”, “manipulator”, etc. Once this woman is released, she is going to do it to the next guy she is with.
tattoo, NH

The union leader for some reason refuses to print my remarks, why? the domestic violence courts have made a mockery of the issue.My uncle, my mothers’ brother-in-law, filed domestic violence against me this March.I hadn’t ever lived with him(or anything else) . I hadn’t seen him in 17 years. We were arguing over my mothers care, she has Alzheimers. He told me to leave the picture,or he’d file d/v against me. He said it would cost him nothing, and no proof would be needed.Goodbye Mom,the state of NH can take care of you now.It’s too risky for me to have any contact with you(her).
Dan, Manchester

Justice in Brentwood is finally served! I’ve been a victim to this exact oppresion for over three years now. My ex wife pulled the mental health card as well and backed it up with false allegations of abuse. The Marital Master awarded her my kids, my house, my money, and ruined my career by topping it all off with a 5-year restraining order and the GAL recommending my ex be allowed to kidnap my two boys (ages 12 (& 14) against there will to Florida just so she can replace me (their biological father) with her new boyfriend.
Andy, Northwood

Paul from Goffstown, it seems you sound ignorant. You sound pretty tough behind a keyboard. You are all talk and no action. Just because someone has an opinion about women you need to bash someone. If that’s what this person’s opinion is, so be it. But thanks, for giving me a laugh though.
Bob, Manchester

Men, please make better choices. There are nice and caring women out there. Not just these manipulating, mean and self centered ones.

The tide may be turning on False Allegations of Domestic Violence or Sexual Abuse in a divorce custody battle in the NH Family Courts based on this one decision; yet there are many, many more that could have been used.

The change is that there will be “eyes and ears” on those that orchestrate these allegations “Eyes and Ears” is a term use by GAL’s to propitiate ongoing external supervision between a parent and child as the result of false allegations in a divorce case. I understand those involved in supporting VAWA and NH CADV do not want to see this tide change as it has the potential to impact millions of dollars in Federal Funding that fuels their existence.

Image those in the Judicial Branch that litigate, recommend Federally Funded Supervised Visitation, and are appointed by the Court to make recommendations for the children, now being more cautious of those that fabricate false allegations. Presently, GALS, CASA, DCYF are “shovel ready” to believe the allegations that surface in a divorce custody dispute. It take Law Enforcement to investigate and allow for Due process, something these agencies fail to observe to fulfill their agenda.
Greg, Chesterfield

I hope she has to serve the full 14. What a disgusting thing she has done to her ex and her child.
Maria, Manchester, NH

white trash is alive and well in nh.
i’m sure she’ll be planning a trip to canobie lake park with all the others of her sort.
mike b., manchester

women almost always lie to the authorities about things like these. i said almost always, not always. most of the time they start the arguements and assault the man and the man goes to jail! well done criminal justice system! now time to convict her new boyfriend who told her how to do these things… oh and he is 1 of those no good lying cops!
pablo, nh

I had the same thing happen to me. For the last three years My ex-wife made up all kinds of false accusations about me abusing her. She never once took accountability for her violent and abusive behaviors during our marriage, she pinned the blame all on me. She fraudulently applied for a 5-year restraining order and after two days of days of hearings with multiple credible witnesses for my side, Guardian Ad Litem Vicki Silver, Marital Master Thomas Cooper, and Judge David G. LeFrancois over at Brentwood Superior Court let her get away with it and gave her everything she wanted: my kids my life, my career, my money, and my kids! Only because she had a snake for a lawyer and I was Pro-se. The battle is still waging on now, going on 4 years. I’m now dedicated to ending these criminal judicial tyrants careers for good. It’s the only way to get any justice in this state. Redress Grievances for all!
Andy, Northwood, Northwood, NH

Nice roots, Kristin. I love the skunk look.
Steve B, Derry

It is good to see they don’t always get away with it. The numbers of angry women gaming the court system to make weapons of the courts and children is astonishing and the lack of investigation or interest paid by the state in most cases is even moreso.
Nick, Manchester

Unfortunately this knucklehead has made it a tad more difficult for legitemate abuse victims to be taken seriously. -John, New Boston

Your attitude/statement is part of the problem John. Finally the abuse victim WAS taken seriously. Inherent in your comment seems to be the idea that only women can be victims. That cannot be further from the truth.

This case is just one example of how women and lawyers manipulate the system, threaten and abuse families and drive men to and beyond the edge. It happens all the time.
This crazy creature pushed too far and often, but she is no isolated example of the future/former ex.

Fortunately this Knucklehead has made it easier for legitimate abuse victims to be taken seriously.

I hope as you do, that no woman who is a victim of abuse is harmed by this ruling.
Steve, Lee

WOW – I am so happy for the ex husband in this case – he must be so relieved!!! He FINALLY got her nailed in court – and vindicated himself in the process. Unfortunately, he had to go through a lot of crap to get here, but it’s great to see that the justice system works for some people (only wish it had worked for me!)
nhhorselady, weare, nh

I, like MANY other men I know of, have been victims of similar behavior (false allegations) from malicious women and their unscrupulous liers (lawyers).

I have been in court many times and seen men sent off to jail based solely on the “she said” so-called evidence. I find it remarkable that the general public doesn’t even blink when a father is separated from his children, but think it’s horrible even when a toxic poisonous d-bag like this is.

Hello, this judge did the right thing, and probably will feel the backlash from all of the VAWA grant-whores and “womens” groups who have fought so hard to establish the unfair system we have in place today. The judge did the daughter a potential favor by separating her from such a bad influence, a pathological lier who no doubt would have infected her innocent daughter with her multiple personality disorders and pathologies.
John, Manchester, NH

Don’t get too excited folks. This ruling is the exception, not the rule. In today’s world, anytime a woman makes a charge against a man, he is guilty before proven innocent and even if he is found to be innocent, he will STILL have a stigma attached to him in one form or another.

I doubt she will serve even 7 years.
– Jim D, Hillsboro

Jim – we are excited because we see this as a potential turning point to a place where the child’s wellbeing is put first. Not the non custodial parent who wants to avoid financial obligations; Not the custodial parent who tries to use custody as a weapon. These children are the best of our times together and last far beyond the end of our relationships. We need to put them first!
All allegations in family courts should be substantiated – punishments issued for blatantly false accusations!
Physical custody should go to the better parent – if it cannot be shared – regardless of your gender!

People – take a good hard look at potential spouses before you commit!!!
Traci, Manchester

How does sentenced to 12 counts each carrying 3.5 to 7 years in prison equal 7-14 years??
James, Concord

its about time that woman are being punished for what they did. If this was a man it would be open and shut case. Just like all the teachers having relationships with kids. Woman see no jail time while men see no light for at least 7 years. about time
stephen, manchester

This just made my day, good job court system……
Ben, Concord, NH

I agree this should be a wake-up call for local courts. Check out those apps for restraining orders with a fine tooth comb!
G. Paul, Concord

Post #1
The tide may be turning on False Allegations of Domestic Violence or Sexual Abuse in a divorce custody battle in the NH Family Courts based on this one decision; yet there are many, many more that could have been used.

The change is that there will be “eyes and ears” on those that orchestrate these allegations “Eyes and Ears” is a term use by GAL’s to propitiate ongoing external supervision between a parent and child as the result of false allegations in a divorce case. I understand those involved in supporting VAWA and NH CADV do not want to see this tide change as it has the potential to impact millions of dollars in Federal Funding that fuels their existence.

Image those in the Judicial Branch that litigate, recommend Federally Funded Supervised Visitation, and are appointed by the Court to make recommendations for the children, now being more cautious of those that fabricate false allegations. Presently, GALS, CASA, DCYF are “shovel ready” to believe the allegations that surface in a divorce custody dispute. It take Law Enforcement to investigate and allow for Due process, something these agencies fail to observe to fulfill their agenda.
Greg, Chesterfield

Yet more reasons to stay single to be happy. The US justice system is completely stacked against men. Luckily, in this case the woman was outed. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen often….
Kevin, greenland, nh

John from Warner:
I see and know your point about GAL’s. They are so backlogged with case work, that they do not take the time to seriously investigate the children and parents they are assigned to. To all of you men taking aim at women, I know where you are coming from, and how you feel, but, do not think that it is all women doing this to their spouses. Men are and can be just as evil as women, in these cases. I know it first hand. The Gal, and the judge, goes with the side that has the lawyer, and the side that can make themselves look better.
Kathy, Manchester

It really sucks that a woman like that can ruin the system for women that are actually victims of Domestic Violence. Its sick.
Rose, Manchester

I have been following this case from the beginning, this woman is disturbed and she is getting exactley what she deserves, hopefully she wqill have to serve the full 14 years and not a day shorter. One check up on the board for us fathers!!!!!!
chris, Derry, NH

This woman got exactly what she deserves. Hope “Truth in Sentencing” applies.
Divorced and harassed ex, Manchester

PLEASE UL print these coments from these fathers in a front page story so the judges and marital masters can see how they ruin mens lives with the ridicules decisions they make in favor of women because they are women and only because they are women, To many women get married to wonderful men have children only to divorce for whatever reason ,then use the family court for revenge and these court officers cant or wont see that 90% of the time the women are lawyerd up and throw whatever out and hope one thing sticks to make the guy out to be some abuser or miser who wants only to hurt the child he brought into the world. Isnt it funny the court thinks just because a couple divorces instantly the man becomes this monster who wants his family to suffer. This is only one of many stories that PROVE DIFFERENT but nobody in family court will do anything about it SO SAD for the men and children out there that are missing out on a great life together instead a vengeful mother wallows in her victory and the courts are the corrupt referees who look up proud to be part of a system that punishes those evil doers MEN!
Disgusted, Manchester

Judging by the new law, SB500, and reduced prison sentences for women felons; she will be out in less than three years. By “reduced prison sentences”, I refer to the practice of NH corrections-courts releasing women early, when the women appeal for sentence reduction. Keep in mind, the numerous embezzlement felons (lunch ladies, city administrators, an administrator at the Concord Monitor) that have gotten their sentences reduced or changed to ‘home confinement’, so the state can save a few bucks. Yeah, she’ll request, and get a reduction. Guaranteed.
Frank, Concord

It’s nice to see the judicial system issue due justice in this case. Never a good idea to bad mouth the presiding justice. Unfortunately this knucklehead has made it a tad more difficult for legitemate abuse victims to be taken seriously. That’s what “mean spirited” will get you.
John, New Boston

To Amy, Deerfield:

This father has NOT gotten his rights back. He has been cleared but he is still fighting for custody in court. His daughter is living with the family that enabled this felon. The laws in this country are not protecting this precious child or her dad. These victims have been punished enough. Give Jeff his daughter back!!!
Yeah Right, Portsmouth

@ West Coast Nancy;

Yes I am serious. I do absolutely agree with your point that the girls mother probably would not have been a positive influence in her life, however I find all motherless children sad. This woman probably already had won her case in Family Court, but that was not enough for her she became greedy, and good for her she is getting what exactly she deserves.
Mike, Wolfeboro

John from Warner- don’t see your point at all. GAL’s no matter what profession they come from are competent and able to investigate for the child’s best interest. Fortunately, this woman is going away which is where she belongs. Sadly and I mean very sadly, she has set a negative stage for those that really are abused. She deserves that sentence.
jc, merrimack

Do you know how many women actually do this? My husband ex did it for years. Filed restraining orders and lied on them. Took away the kids because she felt like it. We felt like the court systems didn’t care because she was a women. Glad they are actually doing something. But wondering how many other lives have been ruined by the state of nh court system?
Sara, hooksett

This woman should rot in prison, there are lots of woman like this, I’m sure we all know someone that’s like this… IT’S Time we take a 2nd look before we imprison inoccent people, she played the system & in the end the SYSTEM put her right where she belongs
Jim, Danvers, MA

I don’t think the time fits the crime, she should have gotten a lot more time.I bet this happens all the time in family court, and there should be guidelines put in place so it doesn’t happen. And finally I hope the child, and ex can move pass what this horrible person did to them, I wish them all the best!!
Mike, Sanbornton

What an absolute freak.
George, Keene

“The best way to avoid all of this is stay single and don’t date. Save you a boatload of cash.”
-Outsider, NH

Yes, if anything can possibly end badly it’s better to not even try. That’s the winning attitude this country was built on. I get the feeling that the ladies aren’t exactly banging down Outsider’s door anyway. Keep telling yourself that it’s because you’re not trying friend.
Paul, Goffstown

I am a private investigator. I see thnis a lot in family court. Accusations with no substance.

That court handles it by appointing a GAL
to investigate.

All well and good except a GAL is a lawyer, paralegal, social worker, psychologist.

Who in that group is trained to INVESTIGATE?

Anyone see the problem?
John, Warner

I feel she got a fair trial.

End of story.

See ya honey
Harry, Atkinson

Don’t get too excited folks. This ruling is the exception, not the rule. In today’s world, anytime a woman makes a charge against a man, he is guilty before proven innocent and even if he is found to be innocent, he will STILL have a stigma attached to him in one form or another.

I doubt she will serve even 7 years.
Jim D, Hillsboro

I really feel for the victims of this woman. Can you imagine what hell it must have been to have some wacko like this trying to destroy your life? It is scary that she got as far as she did. This judge and the police deserve a pat on the back for this case. Thankfully they saw through her lies. She deserves a long jail sentence, and her daughter may be motherless but in this case I think it is better for her. What a freak this woman is!
Stacey, Manchester

Family courts a joke. I’m amazed how any woman can’t walk into a court and say those 2 magical word “I’m scared or I’m afraid” an in a heartbeat they can get a restraining order but be a man and got told it could takes up to 3 days before issuing one. Told the marital master show me were it say’s a woman a better parent then a man. Took over 8 month and jumping through hoops to prove to the court that my ex was an unfit parent. Told the judge my only crime was being a divorced white male living in the United States and here’s another example to back up that claim. Hope she rot
s in prison.
don, manchester

I can’t see why anyone would want to marry this deranged broad. (sarcasm noted for the reading comprehension impaired) Rot in prison wench.
Will, Pittsfield

To Mr. Jeffrey Ruggiero, Peace, Love and Happiness to you and your daughter.

To Kristin Ruggiero, Seven to fourteen years and restitution are not enough!
You are despicable!
You should have been executed!
art, Hampstead,NH

This is great news! Finally a father gets the rights he deserves too bad it was such a long and tedious battle. The family court system needs a HUGE wake up call here in NH. Just because they are men doesn’t automatically make them the bad parent, sometimes the woman is worse and a munipulator who just knows how to work the system or gets a pro bono lawyer who works it for them. When are they going to take a serious look at overhauling the family court system here in NH?
Amy, Deerfield

Mike from Wolfeboro.. Are you serious? The child will be away from her mother?! That is good news! Girls grow into their mothers. You would want two of these women in society, who will breed more mini-mamas?! (Reminder to self~ that is why you left NH years ago, Nance!~ 1950’s view of the world living in the 21st century!)
Nancy, West Coast, now…

“Defense lawyer Chuck Keefe argued that his client was a caring mother whose judgment may have been affected because she suffered from drug and alcohol dependency.”

No Mr. Lawyer, your client is just a horrible shrew. She didn’t get enough time in prison.

It is too bad that all women, who pull this crap (any lying) in divorce court don’t get sentenced, but the judges and marital masters NEVER punish them for OBVIOUS lies.

I totally agree with Mike in Auburn and Collin in Manchester. I love that recommendation Jim in Loudon. I have always said the same thing.
Steve1, Nashua

Unfortunately, Judge McHugh is right: this woman’s lies will most likely affect the ability of hundreds of women who truly ARE abused & stalked to get justice.

There’s no question that many women play the abuse card as a preemptive strike in the family courts. Judges should be more in tune now with trying to verify the accuracy of those claims.
PK, Manchester

Maybe some of her websites should come down now. This website shows her ex-husband’s picture under her name. How creepy is that!
Yeah Right, Portsmouth

Family court in NH needs an adjustment. When the truth in directly in front of them they chhose to ignore it everytime.
I am happy that Mr. Ruggiero is able to move on and be the parent to raise his daughter.
Angela, Derry

This happens a lot more than the general public knows. A spouse makes up totally false statements about abuse and the courts are terrified not to respond on the spot with warrants. In cases where the reports are proven to be false there is little done to the fabricator. Glad to see are starting to change.

If a person makes a statement (man or woman) accusing someone of a crime and the report is proven to be false then they should then be charged with a crime with a penalty equal to twice what the person was falsely charged with.
Jim, Loudon

If the UL had a like button this story would would be off the charts!
I love this one “Keefe argued that his client was a caring mother whose judgment may have been affected because she suffered from drug and alcohol dependency” Really? Did you think the judge just fell of the turnip truck?? Seems to me that this was all planned with vengence and greed as motivation.
7 to 12 is not long enough, however she’ll have a great story to tell up in Goffstown.
Sydney, Londonderry

@ Mike in Auburn

I agree, (from experience) that we SHOULD look at burden of proof in family court. Using unsubstantiated claims to make decisions on the welfare of children or the division of property is ludicrous.
collin, manchester

This case will send a message to to others who think they can pull off this type of crap.

Justice should be for all not for some. That district court judge that convicted Jeffrey Ruggiero should be impeached. You don’t send innocent people to jail.
Chris, Merrimack

Looks like the days of women winning everything in court is coming to an end. Now the judges will now question everything both sides have to say in court. The best way to avoid all of this is stay single and don’t date. Save you a boatload of cash.
Outsider, NH

Maybe we should look at burden of proof in family court.
Mike, Auburn

Judge Mchugh
dhc, davecoltin

Perhaps now District Court Judges will be a bit more skeptical when listening to someone’s constant tale of threats, harassment and woe.

I bet the District Court Judge that convicted Jeffrey Ruggiero must feel like a schmuck.
FearlessLdr, Hillsboro

7-14 years is a long jail sentice, but it is certainly necessary to send a message to any person considering this kind of tactic in the future. Unfortunately I found out from personal experience that an ex can get away with wild unsubstantiated allegations in Family Court. This woman will not get to be a mother to her child until she is a teenager. This is truly is sad for her daughter. Then to say she was going to pull the “mental health card” like the courts has never heard that one before. A classic case of being too clever for her own good.
Mike, Wolfeboro

Thank you Judge McHugh and East Kingston PD for letting the Ruggiero’s be able to finally put this behind them.
Firework guru, goffstown

Sheriff: Woman suffocated sons before submerging bodies in car

By the CNN Wire Staff
August 17, 2010 4:48 p.m. EDT

Shaquan Duley, 29, is facing two counts of murder in the deaths of her sons, the Orangeburg County sheriff says.

Shaquan Duley, 29, is facing two counts of murder in the deaths of her sons, the Orangeburg County sheriff says.


  • Authorities say the children were dead before they went into the water
  • Sheriff says a South Carolina mother admitted she suffocated two of her kids
  • Shaquan Duley, 29, will be charged with murder, sheriff says
  • The bodies of Duley’s two children were found in South Carolina’s Edisto River

See local coverage with CNN affiliates WOLO-TV, WIS-TV and WLTX-TV in Columbia.

(CNN) — Unemployed, single and apparently fed up with criticism from her mother, a 29-year-old Orangeburg, South Carolina, woman suffocated her two toddlers with her bare hands before strapping them into car seats and submerging her car in a river, authorities said Tuesday.

Shaquan Duley is facing two counts of murder in the deaths of her sons, ages 1 and 2, said Orangeburg County Sheriff Larry Williams. She is set to appear in court Wednesday.

“She was a mother that was unemployed. She had no means of taking care of her children,” Williams told reporters. “She lives with her mother and her mother was a very, I guess, firm individual. … She often talked with her daughter about, I guess, maybe being more of a mother or being more reliable.”

Mother and daughter argued the night before the children’s bodies were found early Monday in Duley’s Chrysler sedan, submerged in the Edisto River, he said.

“We believe this is a direct response (to the argument) from Ms. Duley,” he said. “I believe she was just fed up with her mother telling her she couldn’t take care of the children and she wasn’t taking care of her children and she just wanted to be free.”

Video: Police: Mom admits to killing sons//

// //

Video: Sheriff: Murder charges sought//

// //

Video: Car sinks with boys inside//

However, he said, “this wasn’t a hardened criminal. This was a young lady in trouble, in trouble in more ways than she realized.” Duley has no previous criminal history, he said.

Duley’s third child, a 5-year-old daughter, was at the home of Duley’s mother. Police identified the dead children as Ja’van T. Duley, age 1, and Devean C. Duley, 2.

Under questioning, Duley told authorities she smothered the boys by putting her hand over their mouths at the Trumps Inn in Orangeburg, Williams said. She drove them to the river while “trying to find a way to discard the bodies,” he said.

“She just wanted to get rid of the children, as sad as it may be,” Williams said. Authorities do not know how long the boys had been dead before they went into the water, he said.

Duley initially reported that she had lost control of the car and it had rolled into the river. But authorities from the outset believed her story didn’t add up, Williams said. Her clothes were dry, he said, and there were no skid marks or other indications of an accident at the scene.

In addition, Duley reported she had walked a mile before flagging down a motorist to call for help, Williams said previously. The sheriff told CBS’ “The Early Show” that she could have run to residences nearby.

Authorities responded to a report of a car accident near a boat landing on the river Monday, and divers found the children’s bodies.

Williams said Monday he couldn’t confirm reports that the key was still in the car’s ignition, but he said the car apparently was in neutral.

Ramona Milhouse told CNN she lives next to the boat landing, and her house and a neighbor’s house are clearly visible from the road. She said she was at home around the time Duley told authorities she lost control of her car.

“I don’t know why the young lady would walk that far when we are here, that’s easy to see, and we have phones so we could have called someone for her,” Milhouse said.

In addition, she said, the road near the landing is a busy one. “It’s not a quiet country road,” she said. “There’s a lot of people driving up and down, all parts of the day and night.”

She said she did not see the car go into the water, but heard sirens as authorities responded.

“When I heard what happened, I just couldn’t go to sleep at all, thinking about those two little boys,” she said.

It wasn’t immediately known whether Duley had retained an attorney.

Williams described Duley as distraught, but said she showed no signs of remorse.

“I don’t believe she woke up and said, ‘I’m going to the Shillings Bridge Road to get rid of my children,'” he said. “Of course, that hasn’t been determined. I believe she was just angry, upset and for some reason found the boat ramp, but mind you the children were deceased … so (she was) trying to find a way to discard the bodies.”

The father of the two children has not been found, Williams said. Duley “was more or less being mother and father for the children,” he said.

“The mom has basically been a good mom,” he said, but was just unable to financially support the children. “For whatever reason, this was her weakest moment,” he said.

The South Carolina Department of Social Services has no record of prior involvement with Duley, department spokeswoman Marilyn Matheus said.

The incident has striking similarities to a 1994 case, also in South Carolina. The bodies of Michael Daniel Smith, 3, and 14-month-old Alexander Tyler Smith were found in their mother’s car, still strapped into their car seats, in John D. Long Lake in Union, South Carolina. Their mother, Susan Smith, was convicted on two counts of murder, but jurors opted to spare her the death penalty and she was sentenced to life in prison.

The case inflamed racial tensions in Union, because Susan Smith claimed at first she had been carjacked by an African-American man. She stuck to that story for nine days, issuing tearful pleas for her sons’ return on national media outlets, before confessing to authorities. Prosecutors alleged she killed her children after being rejected by a man she was dating who did not want children.

Duley spent two years as a cashier at a Dairy-O fast-food restaurant a couple of years ago, said assistant manager Grace Simpson.

“She was such a good-natured person, very friendly, but quiet,” Simpson recalled. “Never disciplined. Never in trouble with our boss. She left because she chose to. We don’t have health insurance here, and she wanted to just move on and up with her life maybe.”

At the time Duley worked for Dairy-O, she did not have children, Simpson believes. Simpson did not know if she was married at the time.

“Whatever compelled Shaquan to do what she did … Lord please be with her,” said Simpson. “I cannot judge Shaquan. I will not judge her. But God, be kind to her.”

HLN’s Natisha Lance and CNN’s Ashley Fantz contributed to this report.

Sheriff: Woman suffocated sons before submerging bodies in car –

Part III – Female Sexual Abusers: Who are They?

January 13th, 2010  |  // ShareThis

By Roni Weisberg-Ross, L.M.F.T., Abuse Topic Expert Contributor

Part three of a three part series of articles.

There weren’t a lot of statistics, because no one thought it was a problem. But then in 1990, Ramsay–Klawsnick found that adult females were abusers of male adolescents 37% of the time and of female adolescents 19% of the time; and in six studies reviewed by Russell and FInkelhor, female perpetrators accounted for 25% or more of those abused. In 1996, The National Center on Child Abuse and Neglect conducted a widespread investigation on the maltreatment of children. Of the three million children investigated, more than one million were identified as victims of abuse and of the one million, 12% were sexually abused. The sexual abuse of children by women, primarily mothers, once thought to be so rare that it could be ignored, constituted 25% (approximately 36,000 children) of the sexually abused victims. Furthermore, all of these statistics are likely underestimated because victims of this type of abuse rarely disclose. Finally, there is an alarmingly high rate of sexual abuse by females in the backgrounds of rapists, sex offenders and sexually aggressive men – 59% (Petrovich and Templer, 1984), 66% (Groth, 1979) and 80% (Briere and Smiljanich, 1993).

Why haven’t we, as a society, been aware of this problem? Most probably because women have been idealized as mothers and nurturers. They haven’t been viewed as sexual aggressors. And because they are caretakers and are expected to be emotional, warm and physical with children, no one notices or suspects them. Sexual abuse by women is rarely reported because their victims usually are their own children – who are dependent on them. Furthermore, these children either do not understand what is happening to them or do not think anyone will believe them. And for male victims, there is additional embarrassment and denial – they must have wanted it – men (boys) can’t be raped!

But women can be sexual aggressors. And even though the abuse they are capable of doesn’t conjure up violent images of attack and penetration, surveys show that women are capable of a different type of violence toward their victims, sometimes physical and almost always psychological and verbal. This abuse can penetrate the psyches of their victims more deeply because they are the one person who was never supposed to betray them.

What type of woman would betray her own child or another person’s child in such a manner and why? A profile of a female sexual abuser looks something like this: She would probably be a person with low self-esteem who may have had a history of severe emotional and verbal abuse and/or been a victim of childhood sexual abuse herself. In fact, a study by Fowler et al in 1983 maintained that 80% of incest offenders had been sexually or physically abused as children. There would be feelings of alienation and isolation and possibly the loss of a spouse or other adult partner. She might have a history of drug or alcohol abuse and less often a history of indiscriminate or compulsive sexual activity. There might be arrested psychosexual development; there might be a need to have power and control in some aspect of her life. But the common perception that any woman who does this has to be mentally insane is false. Only a minority of female abusers do not pass reality-testing measures. How the abuse takes place and with who may differ, but the personality type can be constructed from the above profile.

David Finkelhor, who has written extensively on this subject, maintains that there is a Four Factor Model, or to put it another way, there are four components that contribute in different degrees to child molestation:

1. Emotional Congruence – a satisfaction of emotional needs through the abuse of a child that is due to either arrested psychosexual development, immaturity or low self-esteem.
2. Sexual Arousal – probably due to familial conditioning through their own childhood abuse or early fantasy reinforced by masturbation.
3. Blockage – Age appropriate sexual opportunities have been cut off by either a traumatic sexual experience with an adult, sexual dysfunction, limited social skills or a marital disturbance such as the loss of a spouse. The latter has been described as a “Theory of Loss” phenomenon precipitating abuse.
4. Disinhibition – due to poor impulse control either because of substance abuse, a chaotic family background or psychotic mental illness.

There are women who are pedophiles and simply pursue children for the sex, but the female abuser usually falls into one of three categories:

1. Predisposed Offender – the abuser was herself abused as a child and she continues the generational pattern by abusing her own children. It is thought that she becomes an offender in an effort to resolve her own childhood sexual trauma.
2. The Teacher/Lover – she generally becomes involved with an adolescent male with whom she relates to as a peer. She may be looking for non-threatening emotional intimacy.
3. The Male-Coerced Offender – she is being led by an abusive male who she is extremely dependent upon. But she may eventually initiate sexual abuse on her own.

While the public is periodically shocked into awareness by sensational revelations of the second and third type of female abuser (i.e. Hedda Nussbaum, Mary-Kay Latourneau), it is the first type that we have to finally give a face to – she is the one that is quietly victimizing thousands of young children who have nowhere to turn for safety. And the children ARE young. Studies have concluded that women abusers victimize younger children than male abusers – probably because of their role as caretakers. If current research is correct and more female than male children are sexually abused, then it is logical to conclude that more girls may grow up to be sexual offenders themselves and there may be a significantly larger number of female sexual abusers than we had previously imagined.

It is up to us to put aside deep-rooted myths about females, and more specifically mothers, in order to deal with the widespread problem of child abuse and more accurately expose all types of child sexual abusers.

©Copyright 2010 by Roni Weisberg-Ross L.M.F.T. All Rights Reserved. Permission to publish granted to The following article was solely written and edited by the author named above. The views and opinions expressed are not necessarily shared by Questions or concerns about the following article can be directed to the author or posted as a comment to this blog entry. Click here to contact Roni and/or see her Profile

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Denver Daily News staff report

Thursday, January 14, 2010

MOTHER PLEADS GUILTY IN DEATH OF HER CHILD: A Denver woman has pleaded guilty in connection with the 2008 death of her 2-year-old son, Elijah Archuleta. Isela Reyes-Talamantes, 24, pleaded guilty to child abuse resulting in death and is facing from 10 to 32 years in the Colorado Department of Corrections. On Nov.7, 2008, at about 11 p.m., Denver police responded to St. Anthony’s Central Hospital on a report of a child with severe burns. The child was pronounced dead shortly after arrival at the hospital. In exchange for her guilty plea, the first-degree murder charge against Reyes-Talamantes was dismissed. A co-defendant, John Vigil, is charged with first-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death and is scheduled to appear later this year for a motions hearing.

MAN CHARGED WITH SEXUAL ASSAULT: Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey has formally charged a man in connection with an assault and sexual assault that occurred on Jan. 9 on the 3100 block of W. Louisiana. Ben Depue, who turns 49 today, is charged with sexual assault and third-degree assault. On Jan. 9, the Denver Police Department responded to St. Anthony’s Central Hospital in reference to a sexual assault. The suspect is accused of physically and sexually assaulting the victim after the two spent time drinking together and she refused to willingly have sex with him.

ARREST IN LABEL TAMPERING CASE: Jason Eric Kay, 38, of Longmont, was arrested yesterday afternoon without incident on charges of misbranding and altering food labels with intent to cause serious injury to the business of any person, prosecutors said.  Kay is accused of re-labeling one-quart tropical-mango flavored Gatorade bottles with labels depicting a photograph of professional golfer Tiger Woods and his wife Elin Woods on one side, and the word “unfaithful” on the other side.  Kay was held overnight in custody.  He will likely make his initial appearance in court today.

GRADUATION RATE UP: Data released yesterday by the Colorado Department of Education showed the statewide graduation rate for the calss of 2009 increased .7 percentage points to 74.6 percent. The graduation rate stood at 73.9 percent in 2008, 75 percent in 2007, and 74.1 percent in 2006. The Denver graduation rate jumped by 4.1 percent this year.

SUSPECT MAKES COURT APPEARANCE IN AIRPLANE SCARE: Muhammad Abu Tahir, 47, of Virginia appeared this morning before U.S. Magistrate Judge Kathleen M. Tafoya for his initial appearance. At that hearing, Tahir was advised of the charges pending against him, as well as the penalty for those charges. The charges are interference with a flight crew, which carries a penalty of up to 20 years in federal prison, and not more than a $250,000 fine, plus possible restitution. Tahir was arrested because of his Jan. 8 behavior aboard an AirTran Airways Flight #39 that was traveling from Atlanta to San Francisco. The plane was diverted to Colorado Springs airport because of Tahir’s unruly behavior, including assaulting a flight crewmember.


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Mother of scalded boy pleads guilty in 2-year-old’s death

written by: Jeffrey Wolf 1 hr ago

DENVER – A woman pleaded guilty on Wednesday to the death of her 2-year-old son in 2008 who died after being scalded in a bathtub.

The Denver District Attorney’s office says 24-year-old Isela Reyes-Talamantes pleaded guilty to child abuse resulting in death.

Denver Police say she brought her 2-year-old son, Elijah Archuleta, to St. Anthony Central Hospital on Nov. 7, 2008 with severe burns. He was pronounced dead shortly after he got to the hospital.

In exchange for her guilty plea, the first-degree murder charge against Reyes-Talamantes was dropped.

She will be sentenced on March 19 and could get up to 32 years in prison.

A co-defendant, John Vigil, is charged with first-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death.

During a preliminary hearing it surfaced that Elijah’s then 4-year-old sister told investigators that Vigil had “got fire on Elijah in the bathtub.”

Pictures show that the burns to the boy were so severe that the skin on his forehead and chin had fallen off.

(Copyright KUSA*TV, All Rights Reserved)

via | Denver | Colorado’s Online News Leader | Mother of scalded boy pleads guilty in 2-year-old’s death.

Md. woman sentenced for severe child abuse

Associated Press
01/08/10 5:49 PM EST

PRINCE FREDERICK, MD. — An 8-year-old girl with scars on most of her body from regular beatings by the woman she used to call “Mommy” confronted her abuser in court Friday, telling her: “I do not think you will be going to heaven.”

The woman, Renee Bowman, is accused of killing the girl’s two older sisters and keeping their bodies in a freezer for months. She was sentenced Friday in Calvert County Circuit Court to 25 years in prison for the abuse of the surviving girl. Bowman, 44, pleaded guilty in September to first-degree child abuse.

She faces a separate trial on murder charges in Montgomery County, where the family lived previously and where her other daughters are believed to have been killed.

All three girls were former foster children adopted from the District of Columbia, and Bowman continued to collect subsidies for all of them from the D.C. government even after the older children were killed.

The surviving girl, who was 8 months old when Bowman became her foster mother, was found wandering around her Lusby neighborhood in a bloodstained nightshirt after escaping through a window in September 2008.

Police searched the home and found the bodies in the freezer, as well as a high-heeled shoe used to beat the youngest. Feces and urine were found in the girl’s bedroom and in a closet because she had been locked in both places, Calvert County State’s Attorney Laura L. Martin said. The child had human bite marks and shoe marks on her body, a piece of her lip was missing, and she had broken bones that improperly healed, Martin said. The girl could not read and authorities found no evidence that she had ever been to school.

The girl, who was dressed neatly in a black and white dress and came to the hearing with the therapist and her foster parents, appeared to shudder and put her head on her foster mother’s shoulder when Bowman was first led into the courtroom. But moments later she laughed loudly after her foster mother whispered something in her ear.

The girl was led out of the courtroom while Martin described the abuse. After she was brought back in, Martin asked her if she wanted to make a statement. Clutching a piece of paper, she walked to the front of the courtroom with her therapist by her side.

“You should never do things to little girls or little boys because God sees you and will put you on the liars list. I do not think you will be going to heaven,” she told Bowman in a barely audible voice. Martin later provided a copy of the statement.

“I’m happy now. I know my math. I read. I am in the first grade. It’s amazing I got that far,” she added. “I have a lot of people who love me.”

Martin said the girl made a point of reading the statement to prove she could read to Bowman, who claimed the girl couldn’t learn.

Before Judge Marjorie L. Clagett handed down the sentence, Bowman apologized to the judge and to the victim.

“I’m very remorseful. I don’t know what happened. I’m very sorry for my actions. … I wish her the best with her family and I’m proud of her,” she said. “Despite what Ms. Martin says, I do have love in my heart for her.”

Bowman claimed she tried to return the girl to the adoption agency after she realized she couldn’t handle her.

Public defender Dorothy Gardner-Hodge, in arguing for a lower sentence, said Bowman was abused as a child and in foster care from an early age. She said her mother and sister both suffer from mental illness and that Bowman suffers from chronic pain and has been treated for breast cancer.

Clagett sentenced Bowman to the maximum sentence allowed because of the horrific nature of the crime. She said she wouldn’t rule out sending her to serve her sentence at the Patuxent Institution, a psychiatric treatment facility that is part of Maryland’s corrections system. However, she said she would need more information before she did so.

Clagett said the system failed the girl, but told Bowman: “You were her mother. You were meant to protect her and nurture her, and all that happened was just the opposite.”

22:30 12/8/2009

December 8th 2009

The Boy Scouts of Troop 35 in O’fallon, Illinois are trying to deal with allegations their leader had sex with a scout.

39 year old Wendy Rogers of O’fallon (pictured left) is charged with Criminal Sexual Assault.

The parents of the boy scout had returned home from a shopping trip when police say they found their son having sex with the scout leader.

They called police to report a “rape in progress” and blocked the bed room door so Rogers couldn’t get out until police arrived.

When St. Clair County Sheriff’s deputies arrived they arrested Rogers, impounded her car and the parents took their son to a hospital.

Police say they are looking into other possible sexual encounters between the pair.

The chief investigator in the case called it a betrayal of everything the boy scouts stand for. Capt. Steve Johnson said the Boy Scout have been very cooperative with the investigation.

Mother Pleads Guilty to Killing Daughter Seven Years Later
She was a mother who nearly got away with murder–for killing her own child. But, good police work in Huntington has now lead to a conviction in Florida.

Reporter: Carrie Cline
Email Address:

She was a mother who nearly got away with murder–for killing her own child. But, good police work in Huntington has now lead to a conviction in Florida. It’s a story we first brought you nearly five years ago. Now, Amanda Butler is headed to prison for up to 45 years.

Amanda Butler barely spoke a word in this Jacksonville, Florida courtroom after accepting a plea bargain. The now 29-year-old has plead guilty to second degree murder punishable by up to 45 years in prison for killing her two-year-old daughter, Cheyenne, more than seven years ago.

For more than a year, Cheyenne’s death went unexplained after numerous mysterious seizures that eventually lead to her death. Doctors suspected foul play–police believed Butler was smothering her baby to get attention. But, they didn’t have the evidence to prove it until she tried it again–this time in a hospital room at Cabell Huntington Hospital.

“The prosecutor got an order from a judge to tape Butler and security watched that tape around the clock and they caught her,” said Sgt. Kendra Beckett.

Sgt. Beckett worked that case. She says the hospital’s diligence in following a hunch lead to a charge of child abuse and saved baby Ryley’s life. After a long legal fight in Florida, prosecutors there were able to use the same surveillance video to force a guilty plea in Cheyenne’s death.

“It’s thrilling! It was a great way to start the new year and bring closure to this case for everyone involved all the way around,” said Sgt. Beckett.

Butler was diagnosed with Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy — a disorder that prompts parents to harm their children to get attention for themselves. She served one year in prison for the child abuse charge related to smothering Ryley. In the case of Cheyenne, police say she was trying to prompt the Navy to send her husband back home from a deployment.

16:30 12/7/2009

December 7th 2009

A Springfield, Ohio mother who tortured and raped her children will spend the rest of her life in prison.

Vonda Ferguson (pictured left) was sentenced to serve 65 years in prison, by Clark County Common Pleas Court Judge Richard O’Neill, on Monday morning.

This wrapped up a case that first began ten years ago. Prosecuters called it the worst case of child abuse in Ohio history.

Ferguson smiled as she walked into a packed courtroom, to face her judgement. Ferguson, and her husband James, were both charged with more than thirty counts of child abuse and assault. Vonda Ferguson faced two additional counts of rape.

Prosecuters say the couple beat and tortured their five adopted children with belts, sticks, and hammers. Vonda Ferguson also burned the children with a clothes iron, forced them to eat human waste, and humiliated them. She was also accused of raping two of the children with the handle of a toilet plunger.

One of the victims spoke out in court, right before the sentencing. Sherita Lee, now 19 years old faced her mother for the first time since the charges were filed almost ten years ago, and she broke down, when she saw Ferguson staring at her, while she was speaking.

“How can a child, oh God, can she not look at me right now please. How can a child be so bad at 6 and 4 I don’t understand,” said Lee.

Ferguson declined to make a statement in court today. She has been classified as a Tier-3 sex offender. Ferguson planned to file an appeal in this case.

03:56 11/6/2009

November 6th 2009

An Anna, Texas woman has been convicted of sexual assault involving her daughter even though she was never accused of molesting the child.

A Collin County jury found Michelle Lynn Smith, 42, (pictured left) guilty of three counts of aggravated sexual assault because she allowed her husband to repeatedly abuse the preschool child, said Crystal Levonius, lead prosecutor in the case.

“She knew what he was and what he liked,” Levonius said. “She continually gave him access to her.”

Each count carries 70 years in prison and will run consecutively. Smith will have to serve 90 years of the 210-year sentence before she will be eligible for parole.

“I don’t believe Ms. Smith ever wanted the little girl to be abused,” said Thomas D’Amore, Smith’s defense attorney. “There was never any evidence presented that she intended or aided it.”

Levonius disagreed, saying that Smith knew Glen Bracy was a registered sex offender when she met him and was warned by a therapist not to marry him.

Smith ignored the warning and married Bracy on Jan, 26, 2002.

At the time, Bracy already had two prior convictions for child molestation. In California, he was found guilty of molesting a deaf and mute child, Levonius said.

In 1995, he was convicted in Collin County of indecency with a child by sexual contact and sentenced to five years in prison. He was on parole for that conviction when he met Smith. Their daughter was born in 2002, the same year they married.

Levonius said the family would sleep together naked, and that Bracy began molesting his daughter before her second birthday.

The child reported the abuse in 2007, when she was 4 years old. She told officials that “Michelle” would watch as the sexual abuse took place, court documents show.

When he was arrested, Bracy confessed to sexually abusing his daughter “up to 50 times.” Bracy, now 42, is serving five life sentences for aggravated sexual assault.

Levonius thinks Smith’s conviction on the same charges sets a precedent for Collin County and sends a message to other mothers who allow their children to be sexually abused.

“You’re going to be held accountable if you help sex offenders get access to your child,” she said.

Levonius said the girl is now in a much happier place.

Five weeks after being placed in foster care, the child “initially denied having a family other than her foster family,” court records show.

The child, who is now 7, has been adopted.

“Although she grew in Michelle Smith’s womb, she’s grown in the heart of her new mother,” Levonius said. “She’s with a family that loves her and protects her.”

She also calls the child a hero for reporting the abuse. At the time, Michelle Smith had given birth to a second daughter, who was 4 months old when both children were removed from the home.

“By speaking out, she was able to protect her younger sister,” Levonius said. “She’s a hero because I have no doubt that the 4-month-old would have been in store for the same life.”

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3 in 4 B.C. boys on street sexually exploited by women

The Vancouver Sun, Gerry Bellett, Canwest News Service, Tuesday, May 27, 2008

VANCOUVER – Canada’s largest study into the sexual exploitation of street kids and runaways has shattered some myths about who the abusers might be – with the most surprising finding being that many are women seeking sex with young males.

“Some youth in each gender were exploited by women with more than three out of four (79 per cent) sexually exploited males reporting exchanging sex for money or goods with a female,” said Elizabeth Saewyc, associate professor of nursing at the University of British Columbia and principal investigator for the study conducted by Vancouver’s McCreary Centre Society.

“I must admit it wasn’t something we were expecting.”

The results were drawn from interviews with 1,845 youth – some as young as 12 – in surveys taken across the province between 2000 and 2006.

The stereotypical model of the child being abused – a teenage female being sexually abused by a male – was wrong, said Saewyc.

Sexual exploitation is defined as youth under 19 trading sexual activities for money, drugs, gifts, food, services, shelter, transportation or anything similar.

This can include work in brothels, escort services, pornography and Internet sex but it also includes what’s described as “survival sex,” where a child provides sex in exchange for a place to sleep, a meal or a ride.

It found one in every three of children living on the street have been sexually abused although many didn’t seem aware that they had been exploited, said Saewyc.

“It’s a shocking number. The law is clear: any adult who has sex with children for any form of consideration is exploiting them and it’s illegal,” she said.

The study found 94 per cent of females reported they had been sexually exploited by men.

But the study found that young males were being preyed upon by sexual predators of both sexes, yet the social systems in place to deter and prevent sexual predation were only designed to help females and the criminal justice system wasn’t concerned with what was happening to young males.

“Women seeking young men and boys offer transportation or other things and some go to nightclubs and bars where they can pick up under-age youth. And a certain percentage have been picked up by couples,” she said.

Saewyc said it was indicative of the prevailing myths about sexual abuse that the rehabilitation program for persons arrested by police for attempting to buy sexual favours on the street was called “John School”.

“I think it’s time we had a Jane School. There should be an equal opportunity school for women predators,” she said.

“Part of the challenge is that young males are not seen as being exploited because they are not coming to the attention of the police and the police aren’t out there picking up the perpetrators. The system is set up to handle the sexual exploitation of young women, not young men,” she said.

Community research associate Jayson Anderson said most of the programs to deal with sexual exploitation were designed by women for women. “There’s really nothing out there for males. So we need programs for young boys,” he said.

The study showed that the following youth were most likely to suffer from sexual predation:

– those who were lesbian, gay or bisexual

– Aboriginals

– those with physical or mental health issues

– those who had been abused by family members

– youth that had been in government care.

© Vancouver Sun 2008

Female Predators..They live among us!

endenfin's picture

They are real, they live among us and they will emotionally scar your little boy for life.. The movie industry has always picture the relationships woman-teenager as something to brag about, the idea of a young boy having sex with an experimented woman appears to turn some audiences on. However in a recent study Dr. Eric Hickey, PH.D. (Director of the Center for Forensic Studies – Alliant International University) describes this experience as follows: “Boys seduced by female teachers predators will usually experience long term trauma that affects their self-esteem, sense of security, and trust levels with others. A 13 year old boy will seldom grow up thinking how cool that was to have sex with his teacher, especially as they begin to understand terms such as sexual assault and child rape. Sexual violation of a child is traumatic regardless of who commits the act”. The truth is that female predators are not limited to the famous story of Mary Kay LeTourneau, the teacher that seduced her student and gave birth to his kids. Female predators could be a close friend of the family, one of his Little friend’s mothers, could be just anyone! These women are usually emotionally immature and seeking for a relationship. Some of them might have been sexually abused on their early years and are not capable to develop a normal relationship with a man their age. According to studies, 95% of predators are males and female predators are more likely to cease on his predatorial seek after being released from prison. 25 years ago, women who would had sexual relations with a minor were considered mentally sick and were sent for physiquiatric treatment only. Today, a female predator will go to prison and spend as much as a male predator depending on her crime. And how does a female predator looks like? Unfortunately, they look just like anyone of us! They are young and old, any race, and the majority or them are good looking which is a plus for them attracting young boys who, at first feel flattered because “a woman like that” is flirting with them. They will bragg with their friends and go on secret dates which will become more and more demanding by the female predator. These women want to be sexually satisfied and will treat their victims as a mature man seeking for protection and love. They will be jealous of their friends and even other teenage girls that could approach their prey. These females will do anything to keep their victims! From threatening with suicide if they leave them, to bribe them with all kind of gifts and even money. They are like a spider guarding their prey. Of course the parents of the victim are their worse enemy and the female predator will do anything on her power to turn the young boy against them to the point to make him run away from home and go to live with her. FIRST SIGNS – Look for unexplained mood changes whenever he comes back from school, don’t be afraid to ask your child even if he gets even moodier. – Establish an honest and rulesless channel of communication with your kids, predators hate that! – Meet his teachers and make sure you know all his friends and parents, don’t hesitate to ask for references. – Be aware of long periods of time chating on the Internet, your are the parent and you have the right to check on his conversations. – Place the computer in the living room or any other place where he, she won’t have much privacy. The video conversations today are full of predators chating with their victims inviting them to expose themselves in front of the camera. – If you have a gut feeling about someone approaching your son with too much interest, whatch out! Just remember this that it is not normal for an adult to want to spend all her or his free time with someone else’s child. – Check on his cellular phone conversations, you pay the bill right? Well you check it regularly and find out what numbers appear on that statment and who these numbers belong to. You will be amazed! – Check the predator’s list in your area! Although most of female predators have not yet been discovered, some of them already appear at the FDLE web sight Another useful web sight is the where you can log in and even request to be warned via e-mail when a sexual predator or sex offender moves too close to your neighborhood. Awarness and prevention are usually the most effective weapons against these criminals: use them! It is always better than deal with a traumatized child for the rest of your life.

Female Predators..They live among us! |

Women Who Speak Out For Men

Barbara Kay

With Special Guests:

There are many passionate and committed women working hard to improve the lives of men and boys in the arenas of men’s health, fatherhood, boys’ education, domestic violence, divorce and separation, and the many other areas we cover regularly on our program. It is regularly observed in this post-feminist era of political correctness that the voice of a woman can often be worth that of a hundred men. This week on Dads on the Air we interview two North American women who have the courage to speak up on behalf of men and boys. Barbara Kay was a frequent contributor of op/eds, book reviews and humour pieces to the National Post, a Canadian national newspaper based in Toronto. She became a regular Comment page columnist for the newspaper in September, 2003. Her refreshingly direct, brave and honest columns have regularly covered issues of concern to men and boys. Often shunning the political correctness adopted by many of her media colleagues, Kay’s articles have been widely circulated amongst the international men’s and fathers’ movement for being genuinely sympathetic to the lived experience of so many males in the West. Some examples of her writing include

Here’s a short passage from The plight of divorced dads:

“Of the myriad forms of discrimination men cite, one looms over the rest: The egregious treatment meted out to fathers in the throes of contested child custody following the “no-fault” divorces most of them did not initiate or desire. My files bulge with stories of disenfranchised fathers ripped from their children’s arms and lives. They have lost their homes, their careers, fortunes, friends and reputations, often on the basis of false allegations of abuse (for which their female accusers are virtually never punished). I wouldn’t mention such anecdotal evidence, if the anguish in these testimonials didn’t jibe with objective data confirming the shameful gender bias that dominates the family law system.

“About half of all marriages end in divorce. Women are twice as likely to initiate a divorce as men, largely because they can be fairly sure they’ll end up with control of the children. Where shared parenting is the default template, divorce rates plummet. Men are six times as likely as women to commit suicide within the first two years after a separation: That they kill themselves from despair rather than their ex-wives for revenge is, ironically, a tragically eloquent rebuttal to the feminist credo that men are inherently dangerous to women. Although 25% of women make more money than their spouses, 97% of support payers are men (even in cases of shared parenting). Mobility decisions favour women: The psychological comfort to a Vancouver mother of moving near her Toronto-based family will be privileged over the psychological devastation the virtual loss of his children causes the Vancouver-bound father.

“Misandry in family law begins with an ideology that views children as the property of women, even though many peer-reviewed studies show children want and need both parents, and no studies show sole parenting by a mother serves children’s best interests. This ideology is instilled in judges during training sessions featuring feminism-driven materials, and subsequently often plays out as unaccountable kangaroo courts. The result is that an adversarial mother who initiates a divorce against the will of the father – however indifferent her parenting skills, however superb his and even if the children spend their days with nannies or day care workers – pretty well has a lock on sole custody of the children. If she denies rightful access to the father, she will never be punished at all. Conversely, if he withholds money, he will be criminalized: His picture as a “deadbeat dad” may appear on government-sanctioned Internet sites, and if he goes to jail, as is likely, he will serve a longer sentence than cocaine dealers.”

The US Boys and Schools program is dedicated to improving the lives and futures of boys. Their outreach efforts focus on raising public awareness regarding issues related to boys’ health and achievement. They offer tools and resources that can help make a change in boys’ lives. The Boys and Schools program is a project of the Men’s Health Network, a non-profit educational organization committed to improving the health and well-being of men and boys. Malia Blom is the director of the Boys and Schools program, who lives and works in Alexandria, Virginia, with her husband James, and her two sons, Andy and Magnus. Blom gave an excellent presentation at last year’s Boys and the Boy Crisis conference in Washington DC, and it will be a pleasure to have her on Dads on the Air to talk about the crisis facing boys and young men in the US education system, and the excellent strategies being supported by Boys and Schools. Some of the examples of the strategies supported by the Boys and Schools program include:

  • More research regarding boys’ developmental needs and learning styles, and greater public awareness of these differences
  • Early intervention as a means to develop literacy skills and a positive attitude about school
  • Mentoring, and greater parental and community involvement.
  • More flexibility for educators in trying different techniques to reach boys
  • Better efforts to meet the mental health needs of boys
  • Educating policy makers about the need for specialized programs to boost boys’ educational outcomes
  • Creating a culture of support for boys.

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Dads on the Air – Show Archives – Women Who Speak Out For Men.

12:05 PM

Iowa Woman, Kourtney Babcock, Charged With Sexually Abusing 12-Year-Old Boys

September 25th 2009

A 19-year-old woman from southeast Iowa faces sexual abuse charges in a case involving two boys.

The Des Moines County sheriff’s office says Kourtney Babcock, (pictured left) of rural Yarmouth, was arrested on Wednesday on three counts of third-degree sexual abuse. She’s accused of having sexual contact with two 12-year-old boys at a house in Mediapolis.

The investigation began in July.

Babcock was in the Des Moines County jail in Burlington on Friday on bond of $30,000. Jail officials didn’t know if she had an attorney.–iowasexualabuse,0,2715867.story

To Catch A Female Predator: Iowa Woman, Kourtney Babcock, Charged With Sexually Abusing 12-Year-Old Boys.

1:57 PM

Pennsylvania Woman, Katherine Dennery, Pleads Guilty To Sexually Assaulting 13-Year-Old Boy

September 17th 2009

A 26-year-old Souderton woman has admitted to having sexual and indecent contact with a 13-year-old boy.

Katherine M. Dennery, (pictured left) of the 200 block of East Chestnut Street, pleaded guilty in Montgomery County Court on Wednesday to charges of indecent assault, statutory sexual assault and corruption of minors in connection with incidents that occurred in April.

The open plea means Dennery, formerly of the 800 block of Walnut Street in Lansdale, has no deals with prosecutors regarding her potential sentence. Dennery faces a possible maximum sentence of 15 to 30 years in prison on the charges.

Judge Thomas P. Rogers deferred sentencing so that court officials can complete a background investigative report about Dennery. The judge will use that report to assist him in sentencing Dennery later this year.

Dennery, who remains in prison without bail pending sentencing, also faces an evaluation by the Pennsylvania Sexual Offender Assessment Board, which will determine if she meets criteria under Megan’s Law to be declared to be a sexually violent predator.

Those deemed to be predators face more stringent restrictions under Megan’s Law, including mandatory counseling, a lifetime requirement to report their addresses to state police and community notification about their living arrangements.

An investigation of Dennery began in May when a former neighbor of Dennery’s notified Lansdale police that she discovered Dennery having sexual contact with a 13-year-old boy inside Dennery’s then Walnut Street home in April.

The neighbor, according to a criminal complaint, retrieved Dennery’s camera phone and photographed the assault.

However, Dennery then confronted the neighbor, grabbed the phone and deleted the photograph, according to the criminal complaint filed by Lansdale Police Officer Michael Trail.

When police interviewed the boy, he told authorities that he was at Dennery’s home when she propositioned him for sex and lured him to her basement by furnishing him with alcohol to drink, according to court papers.

The boy told police that Dennery had sexual contact with him during that evening. Another 13-year-old boy also witnessed the assault, court documents indicate.

The investigation revealed that Dennery also furnished alcohol to the second 13-year-old boy that day, according to the criminal complaint.

When Dennery was interviewed by police, she allegedly admitted to the sexual contact with the boy and admitted that she knew he was only 13 years old.

Previous News Video Report On This Case:-

To Catch A Female Predator: Pennsylvania Woman, Katherine Dennery, Pleads Guilty To Sexually Assaulting 13-Year-Old Boy.