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Woman And School Nurse’s Aide Charged With Molesting 12-Year-Old Boy

September 27th 2009

The Daily Telegraph

A NURSE’S aide charged with molesting a primary aged schoolboy will face court in

New South Wales, Australia next month.

The 40-year-old woman (pictured left) who has been sacked and now lives with family in

the state’s north, faced court last month

charged with five offences including aggravated sexual intercourse with the alleged victim, who is aged just 12.

It is alleged the incident took place late one night in the school grounds.

Police are understood to be continuing their investigation amid suspicions more boys

at the school, which is in the state’s south, were the target of the woman’s alleged behaviour.

According to the school’s website the woman, who

cannot be named for legal reasons, was an assistant housemother at the primary school.

When The Daily Telegraph visited her home, the woman’s mother said her daughter

had been employed at the school for “several years”.

Police arrested and charged the woman on August 18 this year with the alleged

indecent and sexual assault of the boy.

“It will be alleged the boy, aged 12 at the time, was assaulted at various times within

the grounds of a school between January and April this year,” a police spokeswoman said.

The woman was subsequently charged with five offences including two counts of

incite person under 16 years to commit an act of indecency, commit act of indecency with a person under 16 years,

aggravated sexual intercourse with person between 10 and 16 years of age, and aggravated indecency with victim under

16 and under the authority of the offender.

The youngster’s identity cannot be revealed, but court papers revealed the incidents

were alleged to have occurred on February 1, late at night.

The woman was granted strict conditional bail and will face court next month.

Police said their investigation was ongoing, and consideration was being given to

further charges relating to other young boys.




Catch A Female Predator: Australian Woman And School Nurse’s Aide Charged With Molesting 12-Year-Old Boy.


1:57 PM

Pennsylvania Woman, Katherine Dennery, Pleads Guilty To Sexually Assaulting 13-Year-Old Boy

September 17th 2009

A 26-year-old Souderton woman has admitted to having sexual and indecent contact with a 13-year-old boy.

Katherine M. Dennery, (pictured left) of the 200 block of East Chestnut Street, pleaded guilty in Montgomery County Court on Wednesday to charges of indecent assault, statutory sexual assault and corruption of minors in connection with incidents that occurred in April.

The open plea means Dennery, formerly of the 800 block of Walnut Street in Lansdale, has no deals with prosecutors regarding her potential sentence. Dennery faces a possible maximum sentence of 15 to 30 years in prison on the charges.

Judge Thomas P. Rogers deferred sentencing so that court officials can complete a background investigative report about Dennery. The judge will use that report to assist him in sentencing Dennery later this year.

Dennery, who remains in prison without bail pending sentencing, also faces an evaluation by the Pennsylvania Sexual Offender Assessment Board, which will determine if she meets criteria under Megan’s Law to be declared to be a sexually violent predator.

Those deemed to be predators face more stringent restrictions under Megan’s Law, including mandatory counseling, a lifetime requirement to report their addresses to state police and community notification about their living arrangements.

An investigation of Dennery began in May when a former neighbor of Dennery’s notified Lansdale police that she discovered Dennery having sexual contact with a 13-year-old boy inside Dennery’s then Walnut Street home in April.

The neighbor, according to a criminal complaint, retrieved Dennery’s camera phone and photographed the assault.

However, Dennery then confronted the neighbor, grabbed the phone and deleted the photograph, according to the criminal complaint filed by Lansdale Police Officer Michael Trail.

When police interviewed the boy, he told authorities that he was at Dennery’s home when she propositioned him for sex and lured him to her basement by furnishing him with alcohol to drink, according to court papers.

The boy told police that Dennery had sexual contact with him during that evening. Another 13-year-old boy also witnessed the assault, court documents indicate.

The investigation revealed that Dennery also furnished alcohol to the second 13-year-old boy that day, according to the criminal complaint.

When Dennery was interviewed by police, she allegedly admitted to the sexual contact with the boy and admitted that she knew he was only 13 years old.

Previous News Video Report On This Case:-

To Catch A Female Predator: Pennsylvania Woman, Katherine Dennery, Pleads Guilty To Sexually Assaulting 13-Year-Old Boy.

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Mother, Richael Michel, Pleads Guilty To Sexually Assaulting 16-Year-Old Boy

September 27th 2009

A 45-year-old Fort Collins mother who enjoys animal costumes admitted Friday to

having sex with a teenage boy she introduced to the “furry” lifestyle.

Under the terms of her guilty-plea deal Friday,

Richael L. Michels, (pictured left) 45, must register as a sex offender and could still face jail time when she is sentenced by Larimer County Judge

Dave Williams on Nov. 12.

In exchange for pleading guilty to misdemeanor sexual assault and unlawful sexual

conduct, prosecutors dropped other charges, including felony sexual assault on a child.

Michels, who is married, now admits to having sex “on multiple occasions” with a

16-year-old boy she took to furry events.

Furries enjoy dressing up as animals, but members have said sex is not routinely part

of that fantasy. Michels allegedly dressed as a cat and went by the name “Kitten.”

At a hearing Friday, Michels told the judge she is bipolar, taking prescription drugs,

seeing a psychiatrist and undertaking other mental health treatment.

Michels’ husband first told the state Department of Human Services he thought his

wife was having the affair, after he grew suspicious about her activity on the Internet and she had become immersed in

the furry life style, according to the July arrest affidavit.

According to arrest documents, other members confronted Michels about the

inappropriate relationship, which included kissing and other displays of affection at events.

Michels was a friend to the boy’s parents.

According to the arrest affidavit, the boy told police that Michels “even made a

comment about the irony of (his) mom trusting her as a mentor . . . and the whole time she was having sex with


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To Catch

A Female Predator: Colorado Mother, Richael Michel, Pleads Guilty To Sexually Assaulting 16-Year-Old Boy.

Court: NY Mom Who Kidnapped Son is the ‘Perpetrator of Domestic Violence’

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

By Robert Franklin, Esq.

For the better part of a decade, a Queens woman portrayed herself — in the news, on her blog and in court — as the long-suffering victim of domestic violence and a devoted mother forced to kidnap her son to save him from abuse!!

In fact, it was the woman herself, Jing Kelly, who was the “perpetrator of domestic violence,” who repeatedly lied on the stand and who had “a history of neglecting the child,” according to a Manhattan Family Court decision that an appellate court unanimously upheld last week.

The lengthy, very public legal battle that Kelly waged for years — in which she claimed her then-husband raped her, threatened her at gunpoint and used prostitutes has ended with her permanently losing custody of their now 9-year-old son, Tristram.

That’s the latest on a custody battle that has raged in a Manhattan Family Court for the better part of a decade. (Read about it here (New York Post, 9/14/09).) In addition to Jing’s repeated and very public false claims of rape and other forms of abuse, she fled to China with Tristram for 18 months. She was returned to this country in 2003 and jailed for kidnapping. Jing’s husband and Tristram’s father, Craig Kelly, died of stomach cancer shortly after she kidnapped the child. His brother Doug, Tristram’s uncle, has permanent custody of the boy who is now nine years old.

In order to put this case in some perspective, go back to this article in August of 2005 (New York Post, 8/27/05). By that time Craig Kelly was long dead. Notice that Jing Kelly, who has kidnapped Tristram, fled to China, returned to Canada and been imprisoned is now “Surrounded by Chinese-American leaders and women’s rights advocates…” And notice further how respectful they are of the dead when one refers to Craig Kelly as “an abusive bastard of a husband.”

Nice. I wonder what these people have to say now. I even wonder why they said what they said then given that there were photos of Craig Kelly with massive bite marks on his neck and his head entirely wrapped in a gauze bandage from being struck by Jing with a lamp.

Glenn’s written before about claims of DV or sexual violence made by women in the middle of divorce cases. Very frequently “women’s rights advocates” are there front and center with their ready-made support for the “victim,” regardless of facts.

Will Mr. John Liu, NY City Councilman, or the women’s rights advocates who were so quick to libel the good name of Craig Kelly come forward now and apologize for their shameful wrongdoing? Or will they do as they’ve done in every similar case – either not say a word or claim that in some way, the court is wrong and they are right, despite all the evidence?

Court: NY Mom Who Kidnapped Son is the ‘Perpetrator of Domestic Violence’ | Glenn Sacks on MND.

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The Family Terrorist

Paul Elam, Amfortas and Christian J show and tell of the damage done within families and society by intransigent people, in this instance Women, who are prepared to destroy their own families to get their own way. Erin Pizzey documented the effects of showing the Truth about violent women, for which she received Feminist death threats. Dr Eric Berne shows several ‘Games’ used including the ‘let’s you and him fight’ game so common today where cops and courts do the dirty work that leaves children unprotected.


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The female discount for sexual predators

By Tracy


Published on July 08, 2009 at 8:15am

Former Portland High School math teacher Sandy Binkley and husband Doug sit together with

their hands clasped in unity. They are the picture of a thirty-something couple from an outskirt town. Their gold jewelry is modest; their business casual attire freshly pressed.

Gone is the vacant stare, straggly bleached locks and darkened roots from Sandy’s September mug shot, when she was arrested for the statutory rape of a 17-year-old student. (Age of consent in Tennessee is 18.) She now sits comfortably with an almost serene glow, her salon-cut hair a glossy auburn as she prepares to deliver her defense: It was she who was raped.

“No one disputes the encounter that happened in a classroom at Portland High School,” the Channel 5 broadcast begins.

Then it cuts to Binkley in prim pastel, shaking her head. “But I can tell you that there was one incident, and only one incident,” she says with a thick Southern accent, her eyes narrowing on the reporter.

That incident took place in March of last year, when, according to police, Binkley and the student had sex while classes were going on nearby. But Binkley insists the student forced himself on her in the office of the girls’ volleyball locker room.

“There was one incident with one student who was a month away from being 18,” she asserts with quiet calm. “He was bigger than me and he forced himself on me.”

It’s a puzzling assertion from a rape victim, this emphasis on the student’s near-adult status and the insistence that only one interaction took place. Absent is the rage of a victim or the defiance of someone wrongly accused. Instead, Binkley fidgets with her fingernail, answering questions with an embarrassed smirk. “It’s very absurd,” she says with an almost imperceptible laugh. “It’s very hard to believe someone would accuse me of this.”

“Did you resist?” the reporter asks Binkley in the broadcast.

“Yes I did,” she says matter-of-factly. “But he crossed the boundary and there was nothing I could do.”

Since that TV interview, Judge David Gay has placed a gag order on all participants in the Binkley case. But it’s easy to discern from court documents that prosecutors will tell a different story. They will likely portray an educator dubiously popular with students—the sort of hip

teacher who maintained a Facebook page and courted students as friends, even working out with some at a local gym.

They will argue that she had sex with not one, but three different boys—two of whom are brothers. Together, the official complaints describe multiple encounters over nearly two years—sex in storage closets, classrooms, in Binkley’s car on rural roads and even in the driveway of one student’s home—from early 2007 to late 2008.

They will emphasize that she never filed a complaint about the alleged rape at Portland High. “She only reported the encounter as rape when faced with the evidence that we had proving that sexual activity did occur between her and the victim on school campus,” reads a statement from Assistant Police Chief Richard Smith. “Her story is not consistent with a rape victim.”

They will point out that a rape victim doesn’t usually continue to text message, call and hang out with their assailant, as Binkley did. Nor do they typically buy their rapist expensive graduation presents.

Perhaps they will paint her as unhappily married, seeking out the comfort of boys—her bubbly, outgoing persona merely a mask to hide a troubling depression.

If they draw at all from the prosecution of other female sex offenders, they will show her as a dangerous sexual predator who groomed her victims, forming intense friendships with students she fancied until they let their guard down so she could seduce them.

They will point to the words of a 17-year-old, who said he knew Binkley intimately enough to know her tubes were tied, so he didn’t need to wear a condom.

“She laid down on the desk and I began to have intercourse with her,” he said at one hearing. “. . . She said this isn’t what you expected when you signed up for a teacher’s aid.”

Binkley would only be caught after a student’s mother found a confusing text message on her son’s cell phone. “I’ll have to mark you absent,” it said. The mother dialed the number and got Binkley’s voicemail. She wondered why the teacher would text a student rather than call his parents, so she got in touch with administrators and police.

The evidence seems mounted against her as she heads for a September trial on seven counts of statutory rape and two counts of sexual battery by an authority figure. But if the past offers any prediction, she’s almost sure to get the female discount if she’s convicted.

Reported sex offenses by women increased tenfold from the ’80s to the ’90s, yet their prison time remains but a fraction of what men receive. A Kansas State professor found that, on

average, male teachers faced up to 20 years in prison for sex abuse, while female teachers were handed probation,

house arrest or a maximum of three years of jail time.


ille News – The female discount for sexual predators – page 1.

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Deliberately Lying about Domestic Violence in Australia
Part 1

The ‘women’s Safety Survey’ was “uncorroborated, biased and manipulated” ‘Advocacy research’ orchestrated by the Office for the Status of Women and passed off as Bureau of Statistics report. It caused an enormous row, says MRA Amfortas. Manipulated definitions and hysterical claims copied from America made innocuous behaviour criminal. DV sells commercial products to women and expropriates public funds for the fastest growing Industry in Australia.

Part 2: Three other sources of ‘official’ data which are routinely manipulated and presented to support DV lies are analyzed by Amfortas and compared to Independent University research which completely contradicts the ‘official message’. “It would be generous to think that this manipulation and bias was just the result of incompetence. But as we can see there is something far darker behind it. It is corruption. It is deliberate.”

Part 3: Christian J narrates how the 2006 Australian Bureau of Statistics Personal Safety Survey completely contradicted the Government’s 1996 survey. He also points to the attempts by feminist bureaucrats to manipulate by having ONLY female interviewers to bias the results. Results show women twice as safe as men. The Government has thrown a blanket of silence over it. Feminists maintain an undemocratic stranglehold, expropriating public monies for their anti-male Industry.